Birthday Parties at ClayMotion – Adults or Children!

Birthdays Parties at ClayMotion in Ballarat

Tomorrow afternoon ClayMotion is a hosting party for a 9th Birthday with ten bubbly children attending… we will be making treasure boxes.

A couple of weeks we hosted a 13th birthday party, and have been so busy since then I haven’t had a chance to post the pics on the blog – so here they are!!

If you are interested in a birthday party – adults or children – visit the BIRTHDAY PARTIES page for information or call me on 0438382522


Winter ClayMotion Birthday Parties in Ballarat – Cozy & Warm!

As local Ballarat people will know we have had a freezzing week here, including snow, and on the outskirts of Ballarat it has been even colder – but, never fear, the ClayMotion studio is cozy and warm as it was for last Sunday’s birthday party.

ClayMotion Ballarat Cozy & Warm

Alex turned 8 and his party theme was Paw Patrol, a popular cartoon for children – so he had a Paw Patrol cake, cups, serviette, plates – you name it! Some of the parents hung around for the party fun and they indulged in bickies and dip, chockies, coffee and tea. Very warming for a chilly day!

ClayMotion Ballarat Parties

The children had a great time, as they always do, and showed fabulous creativity with making their treasure boxes and decorating them – one of the decorations being a huge black spider!!!

ClayMotion Ballarat Parties

Hope that spider didn’t shock you too much!! Here’s some cake to calm you down!

ClayMotion Ballarat Parties

But, back to the party! It was great fun with some fab creativity happening! More info on Birthday parties – for both children and ADULTS can be found on the Birthday Parties Page ….. meanwhile here are some pics from the weekend 🙂

Making treasure boxes

Making treasure boxes

Treasure boxes ready for painting

Treasure boxes ready for painting

Painting the treasure boxes

Painting the treasure boxes

Adults Pottery Parties!

Last weekend I had my first adults birthday party! It was great fun, and the ladies loved it!

The group started with a walking food tour in Ballarat, then came out to the studio to make clay stuff and drink wine, and then had dinner at a local Ballarat restaurant – perfect birthday party, I reckon!!

I have been thinking about this idea for a while, and think it would also translate well to hens afternoons …. but I don’t want to think about what may get made – I am thinking serviette rings for the bride’s kitchen!

Anywoo, here are some pics of what was made during the party – gorgeous round vases decorated with carving and/or coloured clay slip.

The cost for this workshop is $38 per person all inclusive – check out more details on the website!

And I will leave you with some pics of the party! 🙂

ClayMotion Adult Birthday Party Ballarat














ClayMotion Ballarat


ClayMotion Birthday Parties

Wow, what a beautiful Autumn we are having in Ballarat, and a perfect day for a birthday party at the foot f Mt Warrenheip!!

Today’s birthday was for 11 year old Mikala. Eleven children celebrated Mikala’s birthday busily making treasure boxes, and enjoying the scope fr creativity ClayMotion parties provide. In fact, one 10 year old girl, upon leaving said “I’m so glad you exist because I love art.” – blew me away!!

claymotion childrens classes

And she is right – art is a great way to learn problem solving skills, design skills, motor skills, listening skills and relaxing skills – as well as so much more!

Birthday parties are always successful and a great alternative to some other sugar filled options. Today we made treasure boxes by hollowing out blocks of clay and painting them with coloured slips.


For more information visit the Parties page 🙂

And after a busy day I am now relaxing with a wine!! Oops. but I’m writing a blog post – on wait, is that relaxing!?



ClayMotion Birthday Parties – Creative & Healthy!

Kid’s Birthday Parties in Ballarat

ClayMotion hosted another great birthday party on the weekend – this time for Jack who was turning ten. Apparently Jack is very artistic, including hosting a comic writing, designing and drawing afternoon once a week after school with his friends, many of whom attended the party – an initiative he thought up himself!!

Its great to come across artistic kids, but then I think all kids (and adults) are artistic… sometimes it just needs to be retrieved… but that’s another blog post!

Although a chilly day, it was a great afternoon with the fire blazing making the studio snuggly cozy.

The kids had a great time…. as did the adults who stayed, I suspect!

For more information on ClayMotion Birthday parties for kids (but don’t be afraid to book an adults party!) visit the Childrens Parties page or ring me on 048382522.

Here’s some pictures from the weekend 🙂



Birthday Party Fun at ClayMotion

Birthday Party Fun at ClayMotion Ballarat

There was more birthday party fun in the ClayMotion studio during the week with a group of 10 year old girls making treasure boxes and eating cute gummy bear cupcakes!

It was a chilly day but the fire was on and the studio was warm and cosy – so don’t let the cold Ballarat weather keep you away!

Birthday parties are available on most days after school and weekends and are a great and healthy alternative to fast food – plus party goers have a memory that will last forever in the form of something they have made themselves.

For more information click on the Childrens Parties link above or call me on 0438382522.

Here’s some pics of the fun to be had:



More Birthday Party Fun For Ballarat Kids

I know I’ve posted about birthday parties before – but they are just so much fun!!

This time I did it a little differently – instead of having the balloons already blown up, I had the kids blow up their own….NO, I wasn’t being lazy – I have a pump!! Anyway, it added to the ‘fun’ element!

And this party came all the way from Geelong – so the word is spreading… keep up the good work ClayMotioners 🙂

ClayMotion birthday parties are a great sugar free alternative to popular fast food parties, and the kids get to take a creation home – something to feel proud of!

Parties are $35.00 per child which includes all materials, the aforementioned balloons and a cake…. more details can be seen on the party page.

And so without further ado, here are some pics of the fun 🙂


Birthday Parties at ClayMotion

Yesterday was another fun filled day at ClayMotion with twelve girls creating some colourful and creative treasure boxes in celebration of an 11th birthday!

These parties are a great alternative to fast food and sugary drinks (and cleaning up)…. and the kids love them!

The group was very engaged, and there were even moments of quite as they concentrated on their creations!

If you are interested in a ClayMotion birthday party follow the link.

And here some pictures of the fun 🙂

Term One Ceramics Classes 2014

Hello ClayMotioners – hope you are beating the sweltering summer heat!

The website has just been updated to reflect term one class dates and enrolment information, which can be viewed HERE

The January newsletter has also been sent out, so if you missed it check it out below or you can download it, complete with images, HERE


January 2014 NEWSLETTER


Hello ClayMotioners… Hope everyone is staying cool in this summer weather

 TERM ONE is only two weeks away and there are not many vacancies left, so ENROL EARLY and don’t miss out!

 Enrolling is easy – Book or leave a deposit online via the WEBSITE

Or call me on 0438382522




                                                                                                                                  SNAIL MAIL OR ELECTRONICALLY



Wedneasday 22 january 10-12noon $30.00 including materials and firing.

This project is great for children who like to grow things – herbs, cactus or even the old fashioned onion tops!

Children will make clay houses from rolled out slabs of clay which will have no roof so that herbs or cactus can be planted into the house.

Houses will be painted with coloured slip.

Parents will be contacted when the thongs are fired and ready to pick up.



*** Please note that firing will be increasing this term. I have held fast on firing costs for about four years, but can no longer do so due to increasing gas costs. Firing will now cost $15.00 per kilo. I appreciate your understanding J



Adults Classes (ten weeks)
29TH January – 3rd April
Wednesday 10am-12noon or Thursday 7-9pm
Beginners to advanced
Wheelthrowing and handbuilding
Set projects or self initiated
$150.00 per term (materials and glazing not included: these costs will vary dependent on what a student makes)

Mums Classes: Time Out Sessions
28th January – 1st April
Tuesday 1pm-3pm
Beginners to advanced
Wheelthrowing and handbuilding
Set projects or self initiated
$150.00 per term (materials and glazing not included: these costs will vary dependent on what a student makes)

Childrens Classes (seven weeks)
19th February – 2nd April Wednesday 4-5.30pm
Set projects are explored using a range of handbuilding techniques.
$90.00 per term (materials and glazing not included: these costs will vary dependent on what a student makes)



Cost $150.00 Discount* $120.00

*If you are currently enrolled in any ClayMotion classes you can participate in workshops at a discounted rate.

This workshop will be conducted over two days, is for all skill levels and will introduce participants to all aspects of pit firing. Participants are invited to bring a picnic lunch to share. Accommodation  is available close to the workshop site.

Participants are to bring 1-2 pots that have been burnished and bisque fired to between 780-820°. This will ensure the sheen is maintained on the pot after pit firing. Wide rimmed bowls and plates should be avoided. Images of Dawn’s pit firing procedure can be viewed here.

If participants need lessons and/or clay to make pots for the firing casual participation in a weekly class can be organized


If there is enough demand a separate class can be scheduled specifically to make works for the pit firing.

**Remember WORKSHOPS can be given as a gift using ClayMotion a gift certificate**

ClayMotion gift certificates can be purchased for adults and children’s classes and workshops, and are a unique gift.

Upon receipt of payment a gift certificate can be either sent to you in hard copy or emailed to you which can then be printed and presented as a gift.



Recently ClayMotion held a reflection workshop for a group of Berry Street employees. Participants were asked to make a clay bowl while reelecting on how they felt twelve months ago and then a sculptural piece while reflecting how they felt now. The group then had a teram discussion over afternoon tea, followed by free time where some had a try on the pottery wheel and others had some play handbuilding. Overall the session was a great success, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. You can see more about the day on the ClayMotion blog.

Do you own a business or know someone who does that would benefit from a creative

teambuilding or refelction workshop?

Creative teambuilding programs are a great way to build upon your employee’s communication skills, company morale and overall productivity.

More information about the projects available are on the website.


ClayMotion offers two hour childrens parties of a weekend and from 4pm during the week. (except Wednesdays)

Children make and decorate a treasure box each, and the party child receives a bowl that each guest has contributed to decorating. After the creative activities a birthday cake is supplied.

Price includes materials (clay, glaze, etc), kiln firing, birthday cake $30.00 per child. Maximum of 12 children, minimum of 6 children.



ClayMotion offers two hour ceramic sessions to Mothers Groups, where mums and babies can relax in a creative environment. Mums makes a bowl, plate or cup for baby, and baby decorates with his/her handprints or footprints, creating a unique keepsake to treasure into the future.

Afternoon tea or morning tea is provided.

$30.00 per mum and baby. Maximum of 12 pairs, minimum of 6 pairs.

Price includes materials (clay, glaze, etc), kiln firing, and morning or afternoon tea.


One to one private classes are also available, and are especially beneficial to teachers, those wanting to undertake intensive tuition or those wanting to consolidate existing skills. Email or telephone to discuss payment & time options.

Remember that the ClayMotion website also has a blog where you can stay updated on ClayMotion news; all pages can be shared on social media – so you can spread the love; and the shop now contains clay and clay tools – I will be adding to this over time, so why not bookmark the page?

you can also find ClayMotion on FACEBOOK so like our page to stay updated on classes and workshops!!

ORDER UNIQUE GIFTS FOR FRIENDS OR YOURSELF!  did you know I also have an online shop on ETSY, where I sell unique handmade ceramic jewellery and small tableware items: perfect for unique gifts or just to spoil yourself. Again, Shipping is FREE Australia-wide! As a special ClayMotion subscriber offer you can get 20% off anything in the store by using this coupon code at the check out: CLAYMOTION


ClayMotion Birthday Party

Apart from a bit of wind Saturday afternoon was a gorgeous day- perfect for a 9 yr old birthday party!

Six happy kids, clay, coloured slip, lollies, balloons, sponge cake with jam and cream – what more could you want?

Creativity was all the go, and it didn’t take much to coax it out of these children – maybe next time i’ll add drawing funny faces onto the balloons!!

ClayMotion offers children’s birthday parties on most weekday afternoons and weekends – but don’t worry adults can have pottery birthday parties too (and hens afternoons or nights) simply message me to organise numbers and times.

Pottery parties are a great alternative to ‘junk food’ parties and the children receive something solid that they have created to take away with them.

Visit the Children’s Parties link for more information about booking 🙂