Adults Acrylic Pouring Workshop

Acrylic Pouring Workshop

There are three different levels offered in the Acrylic Pouring Workshop at the ClayMotion studio taught by Dawn Whitehand.

The introductory workshop is a first taste where all paints are pre-mixed and a simple dirty pour 20x25cm painting is created.

The Beginners workshop is for people who would like to learn some basic technical aspects about acrylic pouring. Paints are not pre-mixed and you will make two 20x25cm paintings.

The intermediate workshop delves a little deeper into embellishments and different pouring techniques, and again two 20x25cm paintings are created. (Participants must have completed a Introduction Class first)

Places are limited to a maximum of 8. Read on for more info or visit the ENROLMENTS page for more info and to enrol. – see ClayMotion Terms & Conditions HERE

$40 Introductory workshop: TBA

If you’d like a once off experience creating an acrylic pour painting, then this workshop is for you.

You will create your own unique 8×10 acrylic pouring canvas.

All paints will be pre-made, you’ll be shown how to layer your paints to create beautiful abstract patterns and then have an opportunity to make your own unique piece of art.

Cost is $40 which includes paints, canvas and demonstration.

Participant can also make a second piece for an additional $20


$120 Beginners Workshop Thursday 3rd September 1.30-3.30pm – this workshop is a more intensive introduction with students also learning about the mixing an consistency of paint and creating two art pieces.

What is offered:
2 1/2 hours of demonstrations and interactive experience.
Learn about paint texture and consistency for best outcomes.
Learn about layering colours and how to avoid getting mud.
Experiment with different mixtures to create the allusive cells.
Take home 2 pieces of art
Take home recipes for successful ongoing creative processes.

All materials provided – $120 pp


$120 Intermediate workshop – TBA

This intermediate acrylic pouring class is a follow-on class from Introduction to Acrylic Pouring.

In this session, Dawn will work with you on your finished pieces from your introduction session or your continued work at home, introducing different finishing techniques and embellishments that will take your work to the next level.

In the workshop Dawn will demonstrate several different acrylic pouring techniques that create beautiful effects building upon your basic acrylic pouring skills. You can then choose which technique to use for your two canvases. Dawn will demonstrate how to swipe to create a crashing wave, swiping and air blowing to create a stunning flower garden, and how to create beautiful delicate feathers. She will aldo demonstrate a puddle pour and what to do with it. We will also discuss how to apply post pour embellishments on your own paintings from the introductory workshop.

Embellishment – In this part of the class we will discuss how to look at your poured composition and then add more into it using the pour as a background. Often, it’s best to have a few people look at your image to help you find that hidden inspiration, so bring along a pour that you’d like to work on and let’s see what we can help you discover within the patterns and cells.

Pouring Substrate – During this part of the workshop we will discuss what objects you can pour on, what special considerations you might need to make in relation to preparation and the pouring process. As a class we’ll help each student feel inspired and excited with ideas and concepts- at the end of this conversation even the Peeps will be at risk of being poured on.

Each participant will get to leave the workshop with two canvases and loads of ideas for future exploration at home.

It is a pre-requisite that you have completed the Beginners workshop

What you will learn

  • Embellishment Techniques
  • Advanced Swiping and Blowing to Create Images
  • Puddle pours and tilting/blowing techniques

What to bring Please bring a dried piece from introduction session to discuss All other materials are supplied

What to wear Please bring something that can get messy, aprons are provided. Closed toed shoes are requested for all classes.

Enrol via the online SHOP or drop into the Mair St East shop and have a chat.

To see more acrylic pouring fun from previous workshops visit the ClayMotion FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages – and be sure to follow us for updates.

Please see ClayMotion Terms & Conditions HERE