School Holiday Program in Ballarat starts next week

School Holiday Program in Ballarat starts next week

We are back to face to face for the upcoming school holiday program in Ballarat and term four adults and children’s classes.

Everything will be a little different with limited numbers due to physical distancing (extra classes will be scheduled if needed), hygiene protocols and our covid safe plan in place. This plan includes no communal towels, aprons or drink vessels, so please bring your own drink bottle, aprons and hand towel (paper towels are available).


These school holidays we are offering pottery, mosaics, acrylic pouring and drawing. As usual parents are welcome to enrol and join in the fun.

Check out all the details, times and dates HERE.

Enrol online or call me if you have any questions  – 0438382522


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Online Classes – Pottery, Mosaics, Drawing, and more

Online Classes – Pottery, Mosaics, Drawing, and more

We are, as of yesterday, transitioning back to online classes for pottery, mosaics and drawing for both adults and children.

Pottery classes have started, however mid term enrolments are welcome. Mosaics and Beginners Drawing are starting soon.

Upon enrolment materials can be collected touch free in store, delivered contact free within the Ballarat area or delivered Australia Wide via Australia Post at additional cost.

The day before the class an invite to attend is sent via email which you click on at class time to join – its that easy!

All classes are livestreamed for real time attendance, and are recorded so that if you can’t attend on the day you can catch up on any missed classes. Recording also means that if you can’t do the course at the specified time you can enrol and complete the course in your own time. It also means you can enrol mid-course and catch up or do the entire course at your own pace, and also means all students can watch the class more than once.

Guidance is also provided via FB messenger, text, phone and email.

More details and course outlines can be seen on the product pages in the shop.

See the ENROLMENTS page to browse courses or click to go directly to POTTERY MOSAICS DRAWING

To see lots of pottery class fun visit the ClayMotion Facebook or Instagram page for lots of images and even more info.

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ClayMotion Term Three Classes start next week and we are back to face to face – yay!

ClayMotion Term Three Classes start next week with limited in studio face to face vacancies available and all classes also being offered online!

We are excited to be offering our ClayMotion term three classes face to face for term three, and all courses are also being offered online for anyone who feels more comfortable with this option.

We also have a COVID business plan in place which means you can feel confident that ClayMotion is doing our best to look after you and ourselves.

All classes are limited in size, with hand sanitiser available and no communal accessories being offered, so bring your own towels, aprons and drink bottles. Surfaces such as chairs, work benches, taps, light switches and modelling tools will be sanitised between all classes.

Our COVID plan also means that we ask you not come to class if you feel unwell with flu like systems. So, we are livestreaming classes so you can participate at home, along with our online students. These classes will also be recorded so that if you miss the class you can catch up at home at your own pace.

What happens if we need to go into lockdown mid term? 

We will finish the term online. Term two was delivered online with students happy with the course, so I feel confident that a smooth transition to online is achievable.

What is ClayMotion offering this term?

For adults we are offering our usual POTTERY, MOSAICS, DRAWING, ACRYLIC POURING plus a new POTTERY FOR GARDENERS course which has 3 places still available. All online enrolments are unlimited. See the course descriptions for more information about how the various class options are delivered.

For children we are offering POTTERY with Saturday and Wednesday fully booked, so a Thursday after school class has been added for new enrolments.

The term two pottery and mosaic classes were also recorded and are available for online enrolment with full support offered during the courses via text, email and phone. You can check them out HERE

I am excited to get back to face to face in the studio and can’t wait for the new term to begin – and in the meantime please do keep safe and healthy 🙂

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Ballarat School Holiday Program Starts This Week

Ballarat School Holiday Program Starts This Week

The Ballarat School Holiday Program starts tomorrow and we are excited about starting face to face classes again!

We are offering pottery, mosaics and acrylic pouring.

Hygiene measures are in place with hand sanitiser being dispensed as the children enter the front shop, and no communal drinking mugs (bring your own drink bottle) or communal towels. Paper towels are available for clean up at the end of class.

Places are limited due to physical distancing protocols so I have put on a few extra classes to meet demand…. following are the vacancies left for classes :

June 30 pottery 1.30-3.30 3 vacancies
July 1 mosaics 10.30-12.30 4 vacancies
July 2 acrylic pouring 10.30-11.30 6 vacancies
July 7 pottery 1.30-3.30 1 vacancy
July 8 mosaics 10.30-12.30 2 vacancies
July 8 pottery 1.30-3.30 2 vacancies
July 9 acrylic pouring 1p.30-11.30 4 vacancies

I recommend booking as soon as possible as I won’t be adding any additional times.

Book ONLINE or call me 0438382522

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July School Holiday Program

July School Holiday Program – pottery, mosaics and acrylic pouring

We are back to face to face for the upcoming July school holiday program and term three.
Everything will be a little different with limited numbers of six per class (extra classes will be scheduled if needed), physical distancing and hygiene protocols in place.

We are offering pottery, mosaics and acrylic pouring over the two weeks on the following schedule:

Tuesday June 30 – Pottery: colourful sea aquariums
Wednesday July 1 – Mosaics: garden theme picture
Thursday July 2 – Acrylic Pouring

Tuesday July 7 – Pottery: coil pencil holders
Wednesday July 8 – Mosaics: ocean theme picture
Thursday July 8 – Acrylic Pouring

Because class numbers are limited they may fill quickly, so I recommend booking as early as possible.

Information about term three classes will be made available shortly so stay tuned.

More info about the classes and enrolment details are HERE or call me on 0438382522

pottery school holiday program at ClayMotion Ballarat Victoria
children's art classes at ClayMotion Ballarat
acrylic pouring workshop ClayMotion Ballarat Victoria


To see lots more school holiday fun visit the ClayMotion Facebook or Instagram page for lots of images and even more info.

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Online Art Classes at ClayMotion – Term Two is Underway and Enrolments are Still Open

Online Art Classes at ClayMotion – Term Two is Underway

Hello ClayMotioners, I hope you and your families are staying well.

This certainly is a challenging time for everyone, and ClayMotion has been working hard to deliver our art classes online for both adults and children, and at three weeks into term everything is going great. I felt it important to get the classes online, not only in an attempt to keep ClayMotion viable during this economically challenging time, but also because I believe art to be the perfect conduit for channelling our uncertain thoughts and emotions by providing  a means of self expression, self satisfaction, and boosting confidence… it is certainly what has kept me on the rails over the years!

After a few teething problems, which were expected (and thankyou for your understanding), I have now settled on the delivery platform for the classes as Microsoft teams. It is simple to use and saves a recording of the class to a ‘chat’ for the group where you can view it afterwards if you want to review anything or refresh your memory.

And because we are recording the classes it means you can join at any time… any missed classes can be caught up on, or if you work or are unavailable at the scheduled class time, you can complete the entire course at your own pace. If you choose this option you will still have access to all the other enrolment benefits – all materials supplied, assistance available via text, email or Facebook, access to the private Facebook group where additional tips and bonus projects will be made available, plus you can connect with others in the class, and access to Microsoft Teams.

Classes on offer this term are for adults POTTERY WHEELTHROWING  POTTERY HANDBUILDING  MOSAICS DRAWING and for children POTTERY

Follow the links above for more information or go to the ENROLMENTS page to browse the different classes.

We look forward to seeing you in cyberspace for the next instalment of this new adventure!

To see lots of pottery, mosaic and drawing class fun visit the ClayMotion Facebook or Instagram pages for lots of images and even more info.

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Online Term Two Classes Now Open for Enrolment – Adults & Kids

Online Term Two Classes Now Open for Enrolment – Adults & Kids

Well, it has taken a bit of time and now the online term two classes are on the website and open for enrolment.

All classes will be live streamed at the times specified in the course description, but don’t worry, if you can’t make that time all classes will be recorded and available for later viewing by enrolled students.

I have structured the pottery classes with projects that are suitable for both new and returning students, and there is also the flexibility to enrol in only some of the classes. This is not the case with mosaics and drawing as within the class we are all working on the one project.

I am still working on the children’s art classes and they should be available in the next week. I am also developing a new “Pottery for Gardeners” course so stay tuned for that!

Upon enrolling you will receive the link to the online classes…. your fees include all materials (for pottery students that is your first bag of 10kg clay and a basic set of pottery modelling tools), personalised tuition and feedback, access to feedback outside class time via email and FB messaging and membership to private ClayMotion Facebook groups.

Adults Pottery Classes have been broken up into wheelthrowing classes and handbuilding classes – all the info can be found HERE

Children’s Pottery course outlines and enrolment details can be found HERE

During the Mosaic class we are making a gorgeous hanging mosaic sphere – check out all the info HERE

And the popular Adults Beginners Drawing Course info can be found HERE

To see lots more pottery and art class fun visit the ClayMotion Facebook or Instagram page for lots of images and even more info… and STAY SAFE

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Online Pottery Class at ClayMotion Ballarat Victoria

Term Two Online Art Classes – Update

Term Two Online Art Classes – adults and children

ClayMotioners, I hope you and your families are well.

What a whirlwind 2020 has been for everyone with lots of lifestyle adjustments and new ways of thinking coming into play in our lives.

In response to this I am working hard to develop a series of online art classes to suit different skill levels for existing and new students.

Fees will remain the same for all courses with some fabulous extras thrown in such as materials, personalised tuition and feedback within class, the ability to ask questions outside class time via email or Facebook messenger, and exclusive membership to private ClayMotion Facebook Groups (there will be one for pottery, mosaics, drawing, kids, etc) which will feature extra bonus projects and the ability to interact with others in the class and also ask questions of me.

The online mosaic and drawing classes will be structured as usual as within those classes everyone will be working on the same project. ***UPDATE – drawing is now available for enrolments HERE

I will also be working towards developing more class content for general children’s art classes.

As existing pottery students will now there are usually different skill levels within classes, but being online this will not be manageable for students to gain the most from their class. As a result the classes will be broken up into wheelthrowing and hand building classes.

Each week a different technique will be taught …. for example, in the wheelthrowing course one week may be throwing a bowl…. but you may already know how to throw a bowl. So the idea will be for you to push that boundary and try throwing a larger bowl, or manipulate the clay while still wet or do a different decorating technique…. while the students who don’t know how to throw a bowl will practice those basic steps. This way I  can cater for everyone within the class.

The structure of the classes and the weekly projects will be in the course description when it goes up on the website. If there are some projects you don’t want to do you can attend the classes that interest you on a casual basis.

TERM FEES – why are they the same?

I am committed to doing my best to keep the studio in Mair Street East open. I know how many within the community love the space…. but that means I have to keep paying my outgoings so that I can reopen the studio classes when the current crisis passes. In order to remain viable for the future the fee structure needs to remain the same (that’s why I have introduced bonus goodies) with a freeze on rises for the remainder of the year (usually I implement increases at the beginning of the new financial year).


You will still receive personalised demonstrations and tuition within the online experience, plus have the ability to email or FB message me outside of class time for additional assistance and feedback.

You will still learn within a positive and relaxed environment with others within the group providing the social interaction and casual chatting so many of us are now missing out on.

You will receive exclusive membership to a private Facebook group where bonus projects and tutorials will be available. You will also be able to interact with others in the group who are also members of the class and maintain social interactions – something many of us are missing at the moment.

Materials are still included (except pottery, see below) and may be picked up in store or delivered touch free within the Ballarat area or Australia wide through Australia Post.

Pottery Class (adults and kids) – upon enrolment you will receive a block of general purpose white stoneware clay and a basic tool kit. Each weekly project will have a set of materials required. These will be provided upon enrolment with your block of clay and tool set. Firing fees will then be charged as per usual.

Finally, thankyou to everyone for your ongoing support. While getting into the swing of running the online classes there will be ‘teething’ problems, and I thank in advance you for your understanding.

Together we can do this!

Check out what class fun was in the old days – visit the ClayMotion Facebook or Instagram page for lots of images and even more info.

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Online Classes – the school holiday program and term two will be online

Online Classes – ClayMotion Classes are ceasing this Week – the school holiday program and term two will be online

I am so sorry to be closing our classes for the remainder of term one and most likely term two…. but I do have lots of ideas in the pipeline to help us all stay connected and happy … click on the image below to check out the video for more info and scroll down to read more info.

So here is what’s happening in dot points

  • ClayMotion will be open 11-3pm Tuesday to Friday for buying clay and art materials and care packages. Once online classes begin works created can  be dropped off for kiln firing. Hygiene protocols and social distancing will also be observed during these short visits.
  • Pottery, mosaics and drawing students will be affected by this last week cancellation and will be contacted individually with info about an online tutorial for this final class.
  • The school holiday program will go ahead online as much as I can – by that I  mean the time I have to make online tutorials…. I will doing my best to get all the info out so people can enrol.
  • Term two will be online classes …. I will try to get as many videos up as possible for pottery, mosaics, drawing, acrylic pouring, etc – enrolments will be taken online or over the phone as has always been the case. I will put out another newsletter when all this is in place.
  • Arty Crafty Care Packages – these packages will be available online & in store. If purchased online they will be picked up from my door and delivered to your door with touch-free delivery. These care packages are great for the school holidays, for those self isolating, if you are preparing for self isolating or know someone who is,  and make great gifts. They are not on the website as yet and I am working hard to get everything in place – another newsletter will be sent to update you on their availability.

Arty Crafty Care Packages ClayMotion Ballarat Victoria

Finally – the situation is very dynamic and the above could change at any moment, such as the shop front remaining open – but even if this happens I will be working from home to create online classes and prepare care packages as I believe doing arty crafty activities helps us refocus our mind and this helps alleviate stress and anxiety which allows us to relax, and this is very important in our current worrying situation where the news and our thoughts seem saturated with just one thing – both for me and for you too.

Stay positive and healthy everyone and stay tuned for future updates.

And be sure to check out the BLOG and follow the ClayMotion Facebook and Instagram pages for lots of images and even more info.


ClayMotion Awareness & Covid-19


ClayMotion Covid-10 protocols Ballarat Victoria


In the wake of the current Coronavirus situation we all find ourselves in, ClayMotion is implementing a range of hygiene protocols to help protect our valued students and customers.

In times of stress and anxiety, which this virus is triggering in many, i must say that I truly believe art can help alleviate worries by providing a creative and relaxing outlet, and combining these activities with a small group of people provides a social context as well where we can talk about that may be concerning us in a safe and nurturing environment.





– Class sizes will be limited to eight so that ample spacing is available between students. ( there are two weeks left of term so the middle studio will be utilised to accommodate this change)

– We will be continually disinfecting the shop front and studio, including lightswithches, door handles, toilets, tools and equipment, etc

– We will provide hand washing facilities with paper towels for hand drying.

– NO more communal facilities such as cups, aprons and towels.


– Please don’t attend class if you are coughing or sneezing or feel unwell (normal terms & conditions will not apply during this period so make up classes will be available outside of enrolled terms)

– Please help us by adhering to the strict protocols we are setting in place to protect you.

To finish, i must say this is a worrying time, and I am a very small one woman business, and I love what I do. I believe I provide a valuable service to the local community through providing relaxing and therapeutic services available to so many – so it is within this context that i ask you to keep supporting ClayMotion for as long as you feel comfortable, and hopefully we can ride this out together xx