Online Classes – Pottery, Mosaics, Drawing, and more

Online Classes – Pottery, Mosaics, Drawing, and more

We are, as of yesterday, transitioning back to online classes for pottery, mosaics and drawing for both adults and children.

Pottery classes have started, however mid term enrolments are welcome. Mosaics and Beginners Drawing are starting soon.

Upon enrolment materials can be collected touch free in store, delivered contact free within the Ballarat area or delivered Australia Wide via Australia Post at additional cost.

The day before the class an invite to attend is sent via email which you click on at class time to join – its that easy!

All classes are livestreamed for real time attendance, and are recorded so that if you can’t attend on the day you can catch up on any missed classes. Recording also means that if you can’t do the course at the specified time you can enrol and complete the course in your own time. It also means you can enrol mid-course and catch up or do the entire course at your own pace, and also means all students can watch the class more than once.

Guidance is also provided via FB messenger, text, phone and email.

More details and course outlines can be seen on the product pages in the shop.

See the ENROLMENTS page to browse courses or click to go directly to POTTERY MOSAICS DRAWING

To see lots of pottery class fun visit the ClayMotion Facebook or Instagram page for lots of images and even more info.

Please read ClayMotion Terms & Conditions HERE

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